Broadstroke Productions - Services for Production in Film, TV and Photography


  • Oh Little Town of Bethlehem
    Theatrical Release - HTV - SGRIN - Arts Council
    Dir/Cam - Viv Mainwaring
    Live-action black comedy set in a funeral parlour in the Welsh valleys. When quiet and sensitive vegetarian Martin is forced to take a job in Jones' Funeral Services, he has no idea what he's in for.

  • Fishlock's Sea Stories
    BBC Wales
    Dir - Phil Lewis, CG/Graphics - Gary Bush/Mole Burrett
    6 x 1hr live-action series about famous Welsh seafaring journies. BAFTA Wales 2004 nominated for Best Graphics.

  • Arachnid
    Dir - Paul Turner, CG Dir- Gary Bush
    BAFTA Wales winning, 6 x 1hr live-action series for S4C. A supernatural visitor brings an unforeseen threat to a Welsh community. 4 minutes CG animated computer game mock-up, and over 200 FX shots!!

  • Fideo Mondo
    CG live action puppeteering - Gary Bush
    3 consecutive series of 6 x 1hr web-review programming hosted by live action CGI robot.

  • Swalec
    Dir/DP - Viv Mainwaring
    1 x 30' TV - Electricity Company

  • Energy Shark
    CG - Jeff Ranasinghe
    3 min promo for the launch of a new power-saving website. CG shark swimming and chasing a shoal of £20 notes.

  • Ken Thorne World Of Cars
    Dir/DP - Viv Mainwaring, AD - Philip Gaze, DFX - Gary Bush
    4 x 30' and 9 x 10' TV for S4C and HTV Wales. Local car dealership campaign.

  • Enterprise 2000
    Dir - Viv Mainwaring, Cam - Philip Gaze
    3 x 20' TV for S4C and HTV Wales. Local superstore advertising campaign.

  • Autopia
    Dir/Cam - Philip Gaze
    1 x 30' and 1 x 10' TV for S4C. Local car dealership advertising campaign.

  • Yes Car Credit
    Dir/Cam - Viv Mainwaring, CG - Gary Bush
    15 x 30' TV - Nationwide car credit advertising campaign, broken down into 15 regions via phone number.

  • Richleys
    CG - Gary Bush
    1 x 20' TV - Xmas Special advertising.

  • The Glee Club
    CG - Gary Bush
    1 x 10' TV - Local comedy club advertising.

  • The Adventures of Bump & Slide
    Broadstroke - in house production
    Claymation children's series in which Bump - the bumbling idiot, and Slide - the smart cookie, have adventures around a fun-fair, with each ride leading to a different adventure.

  • Tobago Millennium Project
    Ed - Viv Mainwaring, CG - Gary Bush
    Commercial for Caribbean TV announcing their Millennium plans for celebration.